Keeping your people and your business safe

through remote temperature, heart rate and activity monitoring

Societies and economies across the globe have implemented significant changes in behaviour to contain the spread of COVID-19. While effective these measures are having an enormous impact on the management of workforce patterns and operations in many organisations.

Finding a new norm has meant implementing systems to protect organisations, their workforces and their customers. CREW, the Covid-19 Remote Early Warning system helps provide reassurance for organisations, their staff and customers.

Social distancing and lone working welfare solutions are key factors as businesses and society implement new norms whilst keeping COVID-19 at bay. A key element in this new way of working is ensuring that individuals entering organisations or events are not potential vectors for COVID-19.

The Solution

To assist organisations, CREW the COVID-19 Remote Early Warning System, has been developed to remotely identify individuals who are presenting with an elevated temperature, that may be indicative of them being symptomatic of COVID-19. When an individual’s temperature shows signs over a specific period of time, of being elevated above the expected average, they are alerted to take appropriate action.

The solution innovatively combines existing technologies to allow early detection of symptoms of the Coronavirus.

The COVID-19 Remote Early Warning System (CREW) consists of:

  • A wearable Bluetooth connected axillary thermometer to measure body temperature.
  • A wearable or smartphone running the CREW app which retrieves the temperature data from the Bluetooth thermometer, and sends it to the CREW Cloud Gateway. Activity and heart rate data can be included in the case of a wearable device.
  • Additional sensors that monitor other metrics such as respiratory rate and SpO2 can be incorporated into the solution.
  • CREW Cloud Gateway which acts as the central hub for all sensor and connectivity.
  • CREW Alarms and Dashboards is the application which monitors the incoming data and generates automatic alarms if temperature thresholds are breached.

Together during COVID-19

CREW has been developed in a true multidisciplinary Academic, Business and Clinical ecosystem, collaborating effectively as a virtual team, between 8 West Consulting, the ASSERT Centre University College Cork (UCC) and the Tyndall National Institute UCC.

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